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I am a first-year graduate student at UC Berkeley in the Department of Agricultural and Resource Economics. Previously, I earned a B.S. in Mathematics and Economics at the University of Minnesota. During my undergrad, I spent a year as a visiting student at Harvard University and worked as a research assistant for professors at both schools.

Work in progress

Commodities Matter (with Thibault Fally).

Other -- Undergraduate Work

Trade Liberalization and Wages in the Dominican Republic, Undergraduate senior thesis, University of Minnesota (2016).
Thesis Committee: Anusha Nath, Amil Petrin, and David Rahman.
[PDF] [Condensed PDF] [Program code]

Institutions and Leaders in Hispaniola: The Disparity in Economic Development between Haiti and the Dominican Republic (2015).
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Reader, Economics S-10ab (Principles of Microeconomics and Macroeconomics), Harvard University, Summer 2014.

James Sayre
Graduate Student

Department of
Agricultural and
Resource Economics

UC Berkeley
Giannini Hall 207
Berkeley, CA 94270